Answering the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a course of treatment for those who have injuries, soreness, or other such conditions because of playing sports, exercising and working out, or simple overexertion. There may be a number of reasons why you might consider sports physiotherapy if you're very active; note a few of those reasons here, along with some commonly asked questions about this type of therapy and what it involves.

How is sports physiotherapy different than standard physical therapy?

Physical therapy courses will vary according to the needs of the patient; some types of treatment are meant for those with arthritis, others are for those who have been injured and need to relearn certain movements or regain their balance, and some treatment is for those who are suffering the effects of old age. The damage done to your muscles in particular, and the demands put upon them because of exercise and sports, will be very different than these other conditions. This is why you need sports physiotherapy and not simple massages or stretching routines, or even other forms of physical therapy, if you work out and are very active.

 Is sports physiotherapy only for after you're injured?

Sports physiotherapy can help you to heal faster after an injury, but this type of therapy can also help you to strengthen certain muscles, for better game play. Stretching during therapy will also make muscles more flexible, so you have a greater range of motion and greater reach, and may also be able to run faster.

Sports physiotherapy can also mean relaxing the muscles so that you don't feel as much tension and even pain when you try to sleep. In turn, you can get more rest and have more energy for your sport, exercise routine, or other activity.

Do you need a doctor's referral?

A doctor may refer you to a sports physiotherapist after an injury, or if he or she notices damage to muscle, tendons, and ligaments through long-term wear. However, you often don't need a doctor's referral to visit a physiotherapist. If you're feeling lots of pain after a workout, want to ensure you're preparing properly for a marathon, have trouble sleeping because of stiff muscles, or just want to improve your game, a visit to a physiotherapist may be in order. He or she may take down more medical information than is standard with a massage at a spa, and the visit may involve more stretching and flexing, but their assistance can ensure you're always in good shape and always ready for your chosen sport.