Eyebrow Lift Recovery: Here's How to Make it Smooth and Easy!

If you're planning to have an eyebrow lift surgery, you're undoubtedly looking forward to having a smooth and more youthful looking forehead area. However, it's important to remember that the process is not an instant one. Because an eyebrow lift is a surgical procedure, it does require special care for your face afterwards. Here's what you need to know about eyebrow lift recovery. 

What You Need For a Smooth Recovery

When you're recovering from an eyebrow lift at home, you'll need to have several things on hand, including: 

  1. Gauze: apply gauze as instructed by your doctor. Typically, gauze is needed for at least the first few days of recovery, as the incisions may bleed during that time.
  2. Ice packs: ice packs can help numb the pain but should be applied in intervals. For example, try 20 minutes on the face followed by 20 minutes off the face.
  3. Nearby bin for used gauze: you'll likely go through a lot of gauze early on, so have a bin nearby for convenience.
  4. Non-prescription pain reliever tablets: whilst you'll probably use prescription pain relievers immediately after surgery, you can try to transition to non-prescription pain reliever tablets as soon as your pain level abates somewhat.
  5. Your prescription pain relievers: take these only as directed by your doctor. These are usually taken as-needed rather than on a strict schedule.
  6. Your prescription antibiotics: antibiotics help prevent infection following eyebrow lift surgery. Take the entire bottle on schedule until it's all gone.

What to Avoid After Eyebrow Lift

During early recovery, you'll need to be careful about sleeping. Use extra pillows to stay partially elevated, and don't try to sleep on your side or stomach until the doctor specifically says it's okay to do so. 

Once your doctor has removed your stitches or staples, you'll usually have permission to start a normal skincare routine again. However, you need to be extremely gentle until you're fully healed. Avoid scrubbing on your forehead area. Splash water onto your face lightly to clean it rather than applying a cloth, as this can apply pressure to the surgical area.

After eyebrow lift surgery, it's best to avoid the sun since your skin is still healing. Your doctor will tell you exactly when you can safely enjoy time in the sun again. However, even when it's safe to spend time outdoors a high quality sunscreen is a must. 

How Long is Recovery?

The recovery time can vary based upon several factors, most notably the surgery type. Recovery from endoscopic eyebrow lift procedures is generally shorter because this type of procedure requires smaller incisions and is less invasive. Patients may return to their usual routine after as little as a few days. Recovery time after a traditional surgical eyebrow lift can take one to two weeks, but every patient is unique and thus your recovery could be longer or shorter than that. 

Ready for your eyebrow lift surgery? With the helpful tips above, your recovery can be easier and smoother than you had ever imagined!