Signs You May Need to Attend a Sleep Study Clinic

Few feelings will cause more frustration than spending your days submerged in tiredness. While some people can pinpoint why they feel sleepy during the day, others require insight from an expert. If you're encountering the signs of sleep apnoea or you're struggling to achieve adequate rest, you may need to attend a sleep study clinic.

After a full night's rest you don't wake feeling refreshed 

If you are suffering from sleep apnoea but you don't have a formal diagnosis, you may feel as though you spent the night sleeping, yet you feel tired during the day. Daytime sleepiness and falling asleep during your usual waking hours can indicate that sleep apnoea is responsible for your lethargy. Those who suffer from sleep apnoea will wake themselves snoring during the night by up to 200 times, and in many cases they're unaware of it. If you don't feel refreshed after a full night's sleep, you might want to consider a sleep study.

Your partner tells you you're experiencing signs of sleep apnoea during the night

Even if you're not aware of the signs of sleep apnoea, your partner might offer some clues. For example, they may notice that you're waking up periodically with gasping sensations. If you have a condition such as sleep apnoea, you may stop breathing during the night, causing you to wake and gasp for air. If you share a bed with someone, ask them if you're displaying any abnormal sleep habits and 

You make frequent visits to the toilet during the night

Although many will assume that getting out of bed to urinate frequently at night is related to age or a weak pelvic floor, it also acts as a cardinal sign of sleep apnoea. Some studies reveal that around 84% of those who suffer from sleep apnoea find that they need to urinate frequently during the night. If you're experiencing sleep apnoea, your tongue is falling back into your mouth and blocking your airway. After a while, the blockage results in a disturbance between your oxygen and carbon diioxide levels, which your body tries to correct with a surge of adrenaline. Unfortunately, that surge will also wake you and encourage more water to move to the kidneys, resulting in an urge to urinate.

Whether insomnia is plaguing you or you're displaying the signs above, consider approaching a sleep study clinic. With a thorough assessment, the specialists there can determine whether sleep apnoea is the cause, pushing you further onto a path that leads to a better night's sleep