A Guide on Corporate Health

One of the primary concerns of any organisation is the health of its employees. After all, a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. The excerpt below discusses the various aspects of corporate health services and the benefits of ensuring a healthy human resource.

Mental Health

Mental health comes first in this list since it is often underestimated. Most organisations demand results from their employees; however, subjecting employees to undue pressure and setting unrealistic goals could compromise their mental health. Stress and depression cannot be identified at an early stage. In the later stages, the employee will not only underperform but also spread negative energy in the office. 

Creating a friendly working environment is the best way to ensure the mental wellbeing of your employees. Small incentives such as sending congratulatory emails, having motivational talks and team-building exercises in the workplace can go a long way in keeping your employees in the right psychological state. 

Healthy Office Practices

How healthy is your office? Healthy practices such as handwashing can prevent mild bacterial infections and serious diseases such as Coronavirus. The office should be cleaned daily to get rid of food particles that may attract pests.

Safe Work Environment

Below are a few tips to help you improve workplace safety:

  • Employees should have personal protective clothing when handling dangerous substances or when working in high places.
  • Employees and third parties should be made aware of hazards such as slippery surfaces, falling items or wet concrete.
  • Install a fire alarm system to warn employees of fire outbreak and reduce the impacts of the fire.
  • Have an emergency plan detailing the steps employees should take in case of an emergency in the building. The emergency plan should be placed in strategic locations inside the building.

Health Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is a mandatory policy in most jurisdictions. The coverage must be appropriate for your business. For instance, a contractor may require more coverage compared to a pharmacist with three or four employees. Update your insurance coverage to suit changing business conditions. For example, your insurer will increase the monthly premium if you give your employees a significant raise or if you employ more workers. Your employees should know the limitations of their coverage. For example, they will not receive compensation if they get injured off working hours or if the injury is caused by negligence or malicious actions on their side.

Improve your corporate health by minding the mental health of your employees, adopting healthy office practices, ensuring a safe work environment and obtaining health insurance coverage for your employees.