Understanding lower back pain caused by improper posture and physical activity

Back pain affects millions of people throughout the country. Some may experience discomfort from injuries, while others encounter back pain due to their daily activities. For example, improper posture exerts pressure on the spine and causes soreness. Other types of back pain can be caused by herniated discs or related injuries to the spine. For this article, the focus is on lower back pain due to improper posture and certain types of physical activity.

A Guide on Corporate Health

One of the primary concerns of any organisation is the health of its employees. After all, a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. The excerpt below discusses the various aspects of corporate health services and the benefits of ensuring a healthy human resource. Mental Health Mental health comes first in this list since it is often underestimated. Most organisations demand results from their employees; however, subjecting employees to undue pressure and setting unrealistic goals could compromise their mental health.