Three Necessary Traits For Medical Physicians

Truly excellent medical physicians all share a range of traits in common, from the ability to explain complex procedures to non-specialists to the ability to be comfortable around a range of people. This article explains three of the key skills you will need before applying to medical physician vacancies.

Being Comfortable With a Wide Range of People

To be a great physician, you need to be comfortable around a wide range of people. Even if you have a specialism that limits your range, your patients are still likely to be diverse in terms of age, race, cultural background and socioeconomic status. Try to be aware of these differences and how they affect health. You may also want to practice working with certain groups, such as children, as they present additional challenges. Ameritech has some tips on working with children, such as avoiding patronising singsong voices and being upbeat, yet honest with them. 

Explaining Medical Conditions and Procedures Simply

Most patients will know very little about medicine and won't understand what their condition is or how the treatment works. To be a good physician, you will need to be able to explain a condition concisely and with attention to the practical effects on their life, without too much medical jargon. However, Psychology Today cautions against simplifying too much, as this can lead to patients making fast decisions without fully understanding their treatment options. Practice explaining common conditions to people with no medical knowledge, with a focus on helping them understand what they can do and what their options are.

Being Patient and Understanding

Not all patients are perfect, and not all of them will agree with your treatment plan and follow it to the letter. In fact, as the Seattle Times reports, only around half the patients who are prescribed medication take it exactly as instructed. Some people might need to hear your instructions twice or may need it explained a different way — and you may have to work hard to help them understand their condition, as well as suppress your own frustration and trying to understand their motives and feelings. You also need an understanding that you can't save everyone and realistic expectations on what is and isn't your responsibility. 

There are many qualities required to be a great medical physician, and the above are only some of the skills and traits you will need. However, if you feel that you have the above skills or can quickly develop them, it's time to start looking into medical physician vacancies near you.